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TECH 21 Landmark 120 Bass Combo Amp


Hand Built in the USA
The SansAmp XLR Output reproduces the sound of a carefully miked cabinet from a simple DI hook-up. Patch it into a PA for an instant happening tone, or enjoy noise-free, dynamic bass sound in the studio.
Custom-designed 15-inch Eminence Neodymium speaker, 16Ω/300 watts handling.
Effect Loop.
Headphone Output.
1/4” Speaker Output.
Scuff-proof cabinet with chrome-plated steel grill.
Model Number: LM120
Input Impedance: 1MOhm
Nominal Input Level: -10dBu
Optimal Output Load: 16 Ohms
Power Output: 120W
Effect Loop Input Impedance: 1MOhm
Maximum Effect Loop Input: approx. -6dBu
Nominal Effect Loop Output Impedance: 1KOhm
Nominal Effect Loop Output: approx. -20dBu
Nominal XLR Output: approx. -20dBu
Maximum Power Consumption: 240W
Cycles: 50/60 Hz
Speaker: Custom Eminence Neodymium Model #2115-BN 15″, 300W, 16Ohms
Dimensions: 19.75”w x 21.75”h x 15.25”d
Weight: 48 lbs


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